Betz White Hot Chocolate Ornament – Done!

24 December

Betz White’s ornament – super cut with embroidered snowflake

photo (23)

I just finished these little hot chocolate ornaments by Betz White last night (yes, the day before Christmas Eve!).  In the pattern it calls for the snowflake to be embroidered but after 2 unsuccessful attempts (clearly not my forte),  I abandoned that for some sew-on charms and a few rhinestones that I found at  Joann Fabric.

I really like the way they turned out and they are relatively easy to make (but for for the embroidery).  The pattern suggests gluing all pieces but my impatience got the better of me and I used double sided tape on many of the pieces and it worked pretty well. I am keeping my first attempt for myself (the red one) and the blue one I putting on a gift for my mother-in-law.