New stair basket pattern! Yahoo!

01 August

This pattern has been around awhile but I thought I would post about it because I think anyone who has stairs and kids needs one of these,  even if you don’t know it yet! This basket sits on your stairs so you (and hopefully your children) can throw all the stuff needing to go upstairs (or down) into it and you can take it all up at once. It’s great because it keeps clutter off the stairs that can be tripped over. Stair Basket Pattern cover

This pattern holds a special place in my heart because it was my first sewing pattern and the beginning of what is now my pattern writing / fabric addiction. I decided I needed a basket for my stairs. I have a 3 story house and two children who have an endless need to reassign items from their rooms on the second floor to the entryway of the first floor.  But, site after a long search, all I could find were baskets like this:
Nothing wrong with that – perfectly lovely, but wrong with my decor. So,I went on a search for one that was made out of fabric. Nothing. So I decided to make my own.  I have always enjoyed crafting things and had some experience sewing through a purse business my friend, Lisa and I co-owned for a number of years. A basket is pretty much like a purse, right,? How hard could it be?  Well, hard enough! It took another 2 years for me to figure out the right design and combination of materials to make a sturdy, stay-on-your-steps sorta basket (yes, I did think about and do other things during that time – but still!).
I love my stair basket and use it daily. Unfortunately, my kids only use it once a week, when I schlep it upstairs, dump it in the middle of the hallway and nag until they take their respective items but, hey, nothing is perfect.
Now available for purchase here.  

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