Seat Belt Rose Tutorial

19 June

Roses made of seat belts – YUMMY! Who would have thought of that?  I probably should have, considering I am surrounded by rolls of seat belts every day! But it wasn’t until Anastasiya Podunovich from Alaska sent me the following photos that I was introduced to the idea. 

Anastasiya is a great craftsperson and sells seat belt roses and other handmade seat belt goodies here.

After seeing these I lovelies I set to work finding a way to create them myself so I could share it with all of you. I found that with a few tweeks, the same technique used for making ribbon roses will work with seat belts. I was fueled by the excitement of their unending embellishment opportunities! Here are a few ideas how you can use them on your projects:

Attach a rose to one of the Pouch Trio pouches

I added this rose to a small Everyday Bag. I placed it right on top of the bow.

You can replace the metal ring on the Market Tote with one!

Dress up a Crossbody Bag

I have no doubt you all will come up with your own great ideas on where to put these beauties. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!


Seat Belt Roses: The Roll & Wrap Method

Seat Belt Webbing – 18″ or longer depending on size desired. A 1/2 yard will make one the is about 2-3″ wide depending on how tightly you roll it.
– Super Glue –  Be sure to use a gel formula glue that says it can bond to plastic.  I had the best luck with Scotch Advanced Formula Super Glue and Loctite Super Glue but found it slower to dry. I attempted Gorilla Hot Glue Sticks which work fine but I grew tired of burning my fingers and of the lengthy cooling time.
Felt in a matching color to cover back (optional)

I hope you have fun making these! Be sure to send me photos of your creations!



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